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There are no superfoods, there is real and seasonal food

Using words it is very easy to create new categories, new ways of thinking about what was previously taken for granted, natural and within everyone's reach.

One of these words is Superfood, created to make us believe that there are foods that are "better" than others.

So we are pushed by marketing to buy new foods with the illusion that they cure our diseases, provide us with nutrients we lack and give us energy to face the day.

Nothing more false.

For thousands and thousands of years we have evolved by eating and adapting our digestive system to a series of foods that had not undergone any refining process, pesticide treatment, grown on uncontaminated soils under direct sunlight that we now know how to supply to the foods themselves. important information that is then transmitted to our body when we eat them.

Unbred meat and fish, lived in the wild that fed on grass, acorns, other animals, without the slightest trace of antibiotics, hormones, and without the stress of intensive farming.

And even when breeding was introduced, the animals were free to roam undisturbed and seek the nourishment they needed.

This, together with exposure to sunlight, meant that plants, fruits, animals, seeds, tubers and berries contained proteins, carbohydrates and fats suitable for life on earth.

And the seasons guided our choices, what grew was what we could eat.

We want to talk about the land and the aquifers where fruit, vegetables and the grass that the cow ate, which we then ate in turn, grew


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