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Be Water

Trainers are constantly in search of new and exciting ways to take their training up a notch. The new millennium introduced stability training as a way of increasing balance challenge. By standing on a dynamic surface, trainers sought to create an unstable environment to stimulate the nervous system to improve balance and thereby, function. Water dynamics is now providing a whole new training stimulus. It’s this water motion, a moving mass inside a mass, that’s the key. In fact, studies have demonstrated an increase in muscle fiber recruitment when compared with an equal amount of static weight performing the same number of repetitions. A dynamic, unstable training environment being manipulated by the upper extremities has real-life application. Instead of standing on an unstable surface and manipulating a stable object, by standing on a stable surface and manipulating an unstable object there is greater environmental similarity, and thereby greater opportunity for transference into activities of daily living and sports performance. By utilizing HydroCore technology, it is possible to work instability throughout a full range of motion in routines that engage the entire body, mimicking real-life situations far more than static weights such as dumbbells. Moving HydroCore not only does it require a force to start it moving, but also an equal and opposite force to stop it from moving, or to change the direction of the movement. Most significantly, due to water dynamics, the inherent force of the water, which is also moving, stopping and starting at its own speed, creates a “double” eccentric deceleration. The first deceleration is used to stop the movement of the object itself, the second to keep the object in the desired position or path as the water keeps moving inside the object. One of the other advantages of HydroCore is the adjustability factor. One piece of equipment can be appropriate for many different strength and fitness levels. All that needs to be done is to increase or decrease the amount of water — so simple! Shipping costs are also significantly less — since the equipment is sold empty, it’s lighter to ship. Aside from biomechanics, costs and adjustability, HydroCore advantage lies in the fun-factor. The moment you get your hands on HydroCore, it feels more like play than work! The dynamic movement of water is engaging. HydroCore changes the game of functional training and puts the fun back in functional! HydroCore is a unique training system that is accessible to people of all fitness levels as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts. The HydroCore system is one of the most versatile and innovative pieces of training equipment equipment around today. Despite being portable, The HydroCore is an extremely durable product however it is backed by a full warranty.

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